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4 Peaks | Music Festivals by Campervan

4 peaks started as a small music festival, started to bring National artists and Local artists together and create a festival vibe in Central Oregon. This music festival was made for unity and community, to come together through good music and open areas for a sense of freedom and happiness. A great way to enjoy this festival, hassle-free, is hiring a campervan and camping the weekend away!

4 Peaks festival also includes many activities for you to take part in when you’re not immersing yourself in the music or relaxing by the campsite. You can take part in such things as the Famous morning yoga hosted by Nicole Baumann, which will lead you through such techniques as Thoughtful sequencing and Mindful Alignment.

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4 peaks is a festival known for its wide-open grassy environment, which makes the perfect atmosphere for taking a campervan. As the festival operates on a working ranch, there is no way to RSVP a specific camping spot. The land is divided into specific areas to help choose the best spot for you and your mates.

As well as the fact of never being more than a stones throw from a comfy bed and your phone charger, another great reason to take a campervan to the 4 peaks festival is for the fact that our campers have full kitchen facilities, so you’re also never more than a few minutes away from a delicious and healthy meal.

As our closest branch would be San Francisco, an 8-hour drive away, we recommend booking the camper to pick up a few days before the festival starts so you can squeeze a short road trip to the festival, giving yourself and friends a chance to unwind and grab some necessities.

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