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6 Reasons Renting a Campervan is the Best Way to Travel the USA

Are you thinking of road tripping or RVing in the USA? Undoubtedly, you want to explore the best of the cities, as well as the USA’s many incredible national parks and great outdoors. There are many options you might want to explore the possibility of for your road trip; whether your travel method is by car, motorhome, bus, or bike. But have you considered renting a campervan for your USA adventure? We have tried out all the different methods ourselves. Here are 6 reasons why we believe renting a campervan is the best way to travel in the USA, especially for the outdoorsy type.

1) You can wake up with a different view every day

Our absolute favorite thing about traveling in a campervan in the USA, having the ability to sleep wherever you want, whenever you want (within reason, of course). Imagine being able to open the back door of your campervan and be greeted by a stunning sunrise, what better way is there to start your day of adventures?! Best of all, you’ll be right where you need to be, whether it’s at the beginning of a hiking trail in Yosemite National Park, or on the west coast by a world-class surf beach in California.

Couple in the back of a campervan

2) You have freedom and flexibility to travel at your own pace

Traveling in a campervan means you have the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace and on your schedule. There’s no hanging about for scheduled trains or buses or the stress that comes with you running late. Love the location you are staying in and want to spend another day? No problem! Want to head away from the crowds and travel off the beaten track? Just drive! Don’t fancy waking up early to haul your bags to the airport? Stay in the comfort of your home-on-wheels and get to your destination on your own time.

Campervan driving through Valley of Fire State Park

3) Campervans are much more compact & easier to drive than a traditional RV

North America, you’re probably aware that BIG motorhomes or recreational vehicles (RVs) are the most common type of camping vehicle. Though these are great if you’re someone who wants all the bells and whistles and the extra space to move around inside, they are not easy to drive and restrict where you can travel. If you love the idea of adventuring off-grid, a campervan is an amazing way to travel due to their compact size. Not to mention the savings you will make on gas mileage! Though they might be much smaller, campervans are designed with a practical and well-thought-out layout, and include perks such as double beds and kitchenettes with fridges, stoves, microwaves, sinks, and more! Learn more about the difference between motorhomes and campervans here.

Campervan driving along a road in Yosemite National Park

4) Save money

In the long run, if you’re a budget-conscious traveler, a campervan will provide you with incomparable savings to any other way of traveling. Campervan rentals are much more affordable than larger motorhomes, and hotel prices in the United States are not cheap. Once you have paid for your campervan rental, you have all your accommodation and transport all in one. You also have a kitchen on board, which means you can save money on your food budget. The price of campgrounds in the USA is quite reasonable, not to mention there are plenty of opportunities to camp for free.

Travellers Autobarn offers FREE unlimited miles on all our camper van rentals! Free unlimited miles gives you a considerable saving compared to most campervan or RV rental companies that charge their renters for every mile they drive. Plus, our campervans are great for off-grid travel, with rooftop solar panels allowing you to skip the powered campsites.

*Bonus – Travellers Autobarn also offers competitive rental prices, flexible pick-up and drop-offs at all three of our US rental locations (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas), and 24/7 roadside assistance!

Camping in Joshua Tree with a Campervan

5) Practical and stress-free travel

We have all experienced how frustrating and time-consuming it can be lugging around a suitcase, trying to find your accommodation, and checking in and out of hotels. What a hassle! Skip all of that when you travel in a campervan, and you can take your accommodation with you everywhere you go. Plus, when you have a kitchen and a bed on board, and you can snack and nap whenever you want. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that?!

Inside a campervan with breakfast

6) ‘Van-Life’

A sense of community if you’re active on social media. We’re sure you’ve seen the idyllic point-of-view photos out the back of a van or stylishly designed campervans that are nicer than some of our homes! The #VanLife has become bigger and more popular than ever, and for a good reason! People around the world realize why campervan travel is so amazing and how there is no other way to have an adventure like this. The United States is where the van life movement was born, so why not join the ever-growing community, even if you only commit to it for a couple of weeks! We love meeting and chatting with fellow campervan travelers in campgrounds, each having their own unique stories of their on-the-road experiences. You’ll be away from the hustle and bustle during your road trip and can enjoy the quiet. Still, you won’t feel alone with the van-life community around you.

Friends inside a campervan