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8 Epic Campervan Hiking Road Trips

For all the nature lovers out there who are looking for your next escape, we’ve got some great ideas for your next foray into the great outdoors. Get your hiking boots ready, because no matter if you prefer a day hike or a full-on backpacking trip, you’ll find a number of incredible options throughout North America.

If you’re thinking about accommodation for your next trip, a campervan hiking road trip could be the ideal choice. It’s less expensive than hotels or motels and more convenient than tent camping. Plus, you can keep all outdoor gear right in the vehicle so you’ll never forget it.

After a long day (or multiple days) of physical exertion on the trails, there’s nothing better than putting your feet up in the comfort of your own campervan.

Here are some of the best sites where you can indulge your love for backpacking and hike right from your (mobile) doorstep.

Pinnacles National Park, California

Pinnacles National Park earned its name from towering, domed rock structures that seem to bulge out of the earth. A lot of the geology in the area is due to its proximity to the San Andres Fault Line. Located east of the Salinas Valley, it’s the perfect place to feel like you’ve ventured off the beaten path.

One of Pinnacles National Park’s greatest draws is that it offers the chance to do some cave exploration on its hiking trails. Balconies Cave Trail takes you on a 9.4 miles roundtrip through a creek, stunning rock formations, and the unlit Balconies Cave. It truly is an adventure; just remember to bring your flashlight!

The High Peaks trail is another unmissable one, as it takes you to the higher rock formations. Here you’ll see some colorful vegetation and mineral wash on the rocks. There are even etched-footsteps to climb up in some steep portions of the trail, definitely a fun challenge.

It’s easy to find a car camping home for the night at Pinnacles Campground. Located right in the park, the RV campsites have hookups, water, and paid showers available.

Pinnacles National Park - Best hiking destinations for a campervan road trip in the united states