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11 Weekend Road Trips on the West Coast in a Campervan

Regardless of the season, you do not need a rubber arm to be convinced of the several merits of a West Coast road trip. However, there is no doubt that with temperatures becoming brisk and fall ticking towards winter, this is certainly the time of year when the California Coast really shines. So, why not take a campervan weekend getaway?

It is no secret that variety is the spice of life in Southern California, where you can build beautiful sandcastles amongst dunes early in the morning, and within the next 2 hours, trek through rugged and exciting hiking trails in the mountains or lounge by the pool in a gorgeous desert oasis by afternoon. There’s something for everyone.

Few places on earth are as stunning, beautiful, picturesque, and diverse as the Pacific coastline. From California’s pretty beaches to the rugged mountains and peaks of the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington, the West Coast is magical for scenic drives.

In our travel guide for an amazing West Coast road trip, we recommend a campervan as one of the most affordable and exciting ways to explore the enchanting destinations on the West Coast. There is nothing quite like the fun and thrill of hitting the road in a reliable campervan, where you are limited just by your ambitions and beholden to no strict timetable.

A campervan offers you both the flexibility and freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. A little more compact than a motorhome, it truly is the ultimate way to venture away from the standard tourist trail and get off that beaten path.

Here are some of the best weekend getaways in a campervan.

Washington Campervan Weekend Getaways

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