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Top 5 Reasons To Take a Campervan Road Trip in the Winter

Can you think of a better time to see the purple mountains majesty or the amber waves of grain than in the winter? When you’re out on the open road on your adventure, the brisk winter air, heavy coats, campfires, and hot cocoa give your voyage an added frontier-esque feel. It’s truly magical!

There are many reasons why you should take a campervan road trip in the winter. Summer may be the prime travel season, but we’re going to give you a few reasons why winter travel is equally impressive.

What are you waiting for? Winter only comes once a year! Book your fully-loaded, adventure-ready Travellers Autobarn campervan, and get ready for that fantastic winter adventure.

Are you planning for an amazing winter camping trip via campervan? Let us be the first to tell you; you’ve made a great choice. There are so many benefits to getting out on the open road and rving in the winter months, but we get that there might be a little trepidation as well. We want to reassure you that it is entirely feasible and safe with some good ole’ fashion planning and preparedness.

Luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you already. Our fully loaded campervan rentals come with plenty of space for those extra accessories to keep you warm in addition to ample room to stand up and move around. Each of our camper vans come with a sink, gas cooker, fridge & microwave, so you don’t have to prepare your food out in the cold. Moreover, if the temperature at your current location is just a tad beyond your liking, all of our rentals come with free unlimited miles so you can move to warmer climates.

Beyond that, we’ve prepared a list of a few other considerations to keep in mind for off-season camping and your snow-bound adventures. So head on over to our site and book your fully-loaded, winter-ready campervan and let’s go!

A winter camping trip, when properly planned, can be a magical experience. There’s nothing better in the cold weather than curling up next to a toasty campfire and roasting some marshmallows over the fire. Plus, there are fewer mosquitoes to bite and less crowded tourists to share the countryside in the winter months.

And I know what you’re thinking- what about those frigid nights?! I’ll freeze in a tent! Well luckily for you, you don’t have to tent camp if you rent a fully loaded campervan for your trip! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you could always pack a tent for the milder nights, but that’s entirely up to you.

So, once you get your campervan booked, where should you plan to go? We’ve got you covered! Get ready for one jam-packed, epic winter getaway that takes you from Washington to southern California and back (with a ton of awesome detours along the way).

Our list was so epic we decided to break it down into five sections of the best winter road trips for camping enthusiasts. This way, you can choose which route or routes best suit you. And as a bonus, we also include our favorite trip highlight and campground picks to help you explore your options. Let’s get started!

The best way to see the majesty and history of the United States of America is on a road trip in a multi-purpose campervan. While summer may be the busiest travel season since the kids are out of school and families take advantage, winter is equally phenomenal, and less active, time to travel.

If you’re feeling a mix of both wander and winter-lust, then this guide is for you! We cover A LOT about campervanning in the winter- what you need, where to go, what to do- all of it!

So book a decked out, ready-for-adventure Travellers Autobarn campervan rental, and get on with reading this value-packed article so you can be off and planning your vanlife winter adventure in no time!

One of the best times to visit some of our beautiful national parks is during the winter. We’re going to tell you which ones so you can plan a campervan winter getaway.

We recommend visiting all of the national parks in the United States in the winter. However, some have piqued our interest more than others when it comes to this time of the year. Whether it’s the crisp snowy weather, less crowded visits, or particular activities that are only available in the winter – we share our favorites with you today.

If you want to plan the ultimate experience, why not visit the parks in a Travellers Autobarn campervan. This way, you can stay right in the park, move about as you please, and escape to the warmth of your blanket and hot cocoa anytime you feel just a bit too chilly. So book your fully-loaded campervan and get ready for the ultimate trip to one (or many) of the best national parks to take your campervan in the winter.

Reggae on the mountain is one of California’s largest Reggae Festivals. This festival is for all ages and kids under 12 are FREE. The line-up includes huge headlines including Steel Pulse, Julian Marley, and Matisyahu. The Festival runs for 2 days from in August from Saturday through to the late evening of Sunday and is located on the Famous King Gillette Ranch.

Reggae on the mountain festival in a campervan

Northern Nights is a festival created with pure intentions for all attendees and the environment. Northern Nights is located 3.5 hours north of San Francisco, Cook’s Valley is tucked along the Eel River under towering Redwood trees. Northern Nights also provides large swimming holes and a campground beneath the gorgeously lit roof of the redwood grove.

Northern Nights is located at Cook’s Valley Campground, 83950 ROAD 442E Piercy, CA 95587 and opens its doors at 10 am Friday the 14th of July. The festival will then close on the late evening on Sunday, the 17th of July.

Northern Nights Festival in a Campervan

The Joshua Tree festival is a bi-annual music festival held at the gateway of the national park itself. This four-day, funky desert-inspired festival aims to create an atmosphere full of passion and excitement. The festival aims to bring all people together as one community through the power of music and the feeling of freedom.

You can find many activities at the festival, such as yoga and the study of movement, visual arts and of course the music, you can also find various self-healing and meditation techniques such as attending the positive vibration station and taking part in the Drum ceremony or the tribal fusion belly dance class. Camping in a tent or RV is highly recommended as it heavily influences the aura of the festival and helps reflect the importance of the festival’s location.

Joshua Tree Music Festival by Campervan

Lightning in a Bottle is a music festival held in the Central Valley region of California in May. The festival is a 5-day mix of music, art, and culture. The festival seeks to promote sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression.

There is a lot to experience within the limited amount of time you have to explore. Why not immerse yourself in over 150 talks and discussions with world-renowned visionaries? If you are more of a hands-on person, take a workshop where you will get the opportunity to learn skill-based trades, medicine, sacred relationships and more. You can also dig into food-focused classes and workshops to feed and nourish your body in a variety of both ancient and modern kitchen traditions. Who doesn’t like to eat food, and feel great after? Sign me up!

USA Campervan Festival

Stagecoach is a massive outdoor country music festival held at the Empire Polo Club grounds. The festival stretches over the entire weekend, opening its doors at 9 am and closing at midnight. Stagecoach is an all-ages event, with kids 10 and under completely free, making it an awesome family weekend away destination!

The campground has on-site camping facilities for camping at the festival, and you can purchase a 4-day camping pass as well as an RV or campervan pass to take your vehicle. Camping facilities include a 50 AMP Power hook up for your camper, access to private amenities and services such as complimentary breakfast and the air-conditioned Safari Saloon.

Friends inside a campervan