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Campervan Relocations & Deals

  • Stationwagon Los Angeles to Las Vegas

1st to 3rd of May

  • Stationwagon Los Angeles to San Francisco

 9th to 13th  of May

  • Kuga Los Angeles to San Francisco

13th to 15th of May

14th to 22nd of May

17th to 21st of May

20th to 29th of May

27th to 29th of May

31st May to 5th of June

  • Kuga Los Angeles to Las Vegas

23rd to 24th of May

11th to 12th of May

All our new campervan relocation deals will be posted on our Facebook Page so please feel free to become a fan – we post our new relocations on a weekly basis. IMPORTANT:

We only have depots in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Any requests for alternative cities will be automatically deleted.

Please only ask for a relocation deal if you are able to travel within 3 weeks – unfortunately, we don’t know half a year in advance if we require a relocation.

Relocations are a fast, cheap way to travel. You still get to enjoy the benefits of the campervan, without the price of a regular rental. Dependant on availability and future bookings, our relocation rates start from as low as $1 per day! Normal Terms and Conditions still apply.


* Conditions Apply –Prices may vary in Peak Seasons.


Are subject to the standard Terms & Conditions of Travellers Autobarn.

Relocations must be delivered in the set days we outline and will be offered at $1.00 per day.

Insurance is not included in the relocation price. There is the option to purchase CDW, SLI or Protection Plus insurance.

Any late deliveries will incur large penalties if we are not advised.

Any request to extend relocations will be considered subject to availability, and if approved will be charged at the standard daily vehicle rate from day one. Minimum rental periods may also apply.

The Travellers Autobarn Mini Van rental, or Station Wagon if you’re from overseas, is ideal for your budget road trip vacation!  The Mini Van is the perfect vehicle to camp your way across the U.S. or simply get you from A to B comfortably.

When you don’t want the extra size of a campervan or RV, the Mini Van/Station Wagon is all you need. You always have the option to rent a living equipment pack for $45 – including a tent, camping chairs, table, gas cooker, and cooking equipment. Bedding (mattress/sleeping bags/pillows) is not supplied with this vehicle but you’re able to bring along your own if you wish to camp or sleep in the back of the vehicle.

This compact and economical vehicle will become your best friend as you explore the open roads of the USA!


Travellers Autobarn promotes safe driving for all its customers to avoid any potential dangers or unnecessary risks while travelling in your vehicle. Some of the tips below are highlighted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA & Travellers Autobarn advise the following:

  • Avoid speeding at all times; follow the speed limit and only drive to the speed that makes you comfortable.
  • Please ensure to wear seatbelts at all time; NHTSA estimates that people who are not wearing a seat belt are more likely to be critically injured in case of any accidents.
  • Resting; take plenty of rest and avoid driving while being tired.
  • Avoid dirt roads; driving on dirt roads are the #1 reason why camper vans have rollover accidents resulting in all sorts of injuries. It is also against the Terms & Conditions driving on dirt roads.
  • Avoid drink driving at all costs.
  • Make experienced drivers you main drivers.
  • Avoid wet or icy roads – due to the camper van having a high roof and fit-out it is easier to lose control then by car…
  • Maintain safe distance at all times.
  • Don’t make any sudden changes to your driving such as a sudden increase in speed or small turns while speeding.

Not sure which campervan to use? Below will explain the difference between each campervan:

  • Fit-out – the Kuga Campervan comes with 2018 to 2019 fit-out. So the bed, kitchen and other fit-outs are much newer – the Hitop has a fit-out of 2013 to 2015
  • Solar Panel – all Kuga Campervans come with solar panel – meaning the battery for your lights & fridge will last much longer and constantly charge while the battery for the Hitop Campervan will only recharge when you drive or are parked at a powered camp site.

So what it really comes down to are your own personal preferences – do you like something a bit newer – then go the Kuga Campervan; if you don’t mind some wear & tear then go for the Hitop Campervan.

Start your road trip today and get a quote with Travellers Autobarn – your US Campervan specialist

The Travellers Autobarn Hitop Campervan is ideal for your budget road trip vacation! It comes with 2012-2015 fit-out and is ideal for 2-3 people!  The Hitop Campervan comes with a microwave, fridge, sink & gas stove and is the ideal campervan/RV to have an epic time during your road trip.

It further provides you with 240V power points, USB plug-ins & extra storage room…and with an internal height of 6’5’’/ 1.96m it leaves you plenty of space to stand up while preparing your meal or chatting with your friends.

It’s ideal for families with one child (minimum age 4 years) or a group of friends – seating & sleeping for 2 to 3 people.


Travellers Autobarn originates from Australia – and in Australia, all campervan/RV rentals come with unlimited miles (or kilometers for our European friends). It’s rather challenging to pre-calculate the mileage you would require for your rental and can cause travelers a lot of stress!

So with Travellers Autobarn, every rental comes with FREE UNLIMITED MILES – that’s correct – FREE UNLIMITED MILES – with any Hitop or Kuga Campervan rental.

Started your road trip and changed your itinerary? No problem with Travellers Autobarn – all our campervans & RVs come with free unlimited miles so start your road trip today…

To start your road trip today get a quote or check out some of our amazing road trip recommendations

When it comes to Insurance in the US we are really talking about two things:

  1. Collision Damage Waiver – also called CDW – which is the cover for the your campervan/RV
  2. Supplemental Liability Insurance – also called SLI – which is cover against 3rd parties (cover against the other car, person or property)

You have four options with us which you can find below:

Minimum Cover – $0/day

  • This means you have NO COVER for your campervan and all damage costs would apply to you
  • Minimum 3rd party liability – this means minimum cover against any damage of the other car, person or property. The minimum liability is included in the daily rate and is set by the Basic Statutory 3rd party Liability – which is set by each state.

Collison Damage Waiver (CDW) ONLY – $10/day

  • This means cover for your campervan ONLY
  • Includes Cover for 2 tires & 1 front windscreen

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) ONLY- $12.25/day

  • This means cover for any accident or damage against a 3rd party (the other car, person or property)
  • Up to $1 Million insurance cover for 3rd party liabilities

Protection Plus (CDW & SLI- recommended) – $22.25/day

  • Includes CDW – insurance for your campervan
  • Includes SLI – 3rd party liabilities (the other car, person or property)
  • Includes two tyres & one front windscreen

*Exclusions apply – please read our Terms & Conditions for all exclusions.

The Travellers Autobarn Kuga Campervan is a sure crowd pleaser! It comes with brand-new fit-out (fit-out age 2018-19) – so if you like something NEW – yet don’t want to pay top $$$ – this is the van for you!  The Kuga Campervan comes with a microwave, fridge, sink & gas stove and is the ideal campervan for your travels around the USA. With an internal height of 6’5’’/ 1.96m the Kuga Campervan allows you to stand up while preparing your meal or while spending time with your friends inside the campervan.

It further provides you with 240V power points, USB plug-ins, extra storage room and – wait for it – solar panels – meaning less need to stay at a powered campsite to recharge the batteries for your fridge & lights!

It’s ideal for families with one child (minimum age 4 years) or a group of friends – seating & sleeping for 2 to 3 people.

Whether you are a backpacker, budget traveler, or a tourist on the cheap, discover campervan rentals with Travellers Autobarn. We have a wide range of rv rentals that you can use for the road trip of your lifetime around the USA. All our vehicles are affordably priced and include a mixture of old and new campervans. Longer term rental discounts are also our specialty. There is truly no better way to tour the US, and we can make your campervan sightseeing dreams come alive, throughout any of our locations – Los Angeles, Las Vegas & San Francisco. Plus – all our campervan rentals come with UNLIMITED FREE MILES!