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Roadtrip: Denver to Miami

This is your guide to an unforgettable road trip. Denver to Miami will take you through the heart of America. You will see the change in culture as you pass through the states and experience the true feeling of freedom. It is a whopping 2064-mile road trip, and we do recommend at least 3 weeks to make the most of your time. So, get packing and get on the road!

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is a year-round destination – with the Rocky Mountains, Great Sand Dunes National Park, as well as the Colorado River, being all within half a days drive! It’s a great destination to start or end your campervan/RV road trip adventure – why not have a proper road trip experience and travel all the way to Los Angeles, Miami or New York – you will not be disappointed!

This road trip itinerary will not be the most direct route, however, it will be the best route that offers the most to see and do. Starting in Denver, you will wind your way North, then back down through Salt Lake City and back down to Los Angeles. The journey is 1847 miles, around 30 hours, and a whole lot of sightseeing. Crank up your road trip playlists and hit the road for an epic journey. The open road is calling your name!

Get ready to see the most beautiful places in the world and let this adventure be the road trip of your life!

This road trip will take you to the heart of red-rock canyons, the front door of ancient ruins, the rejuvenating waters of Colorado’s hot springs and the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Have a lot of time? Before you head west, make a side trip to Rocky Mountain National Park just 1.5 hours from the Denver International Airport.

Head west to Glenwood Springs and take a dip. Farther west and south explore ancient ruins in the Mesa Verde National Park area. Then head to your final destination The Grand Canyon South Rim.