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Roadtrip: Ultimate Rock Climbing Campervan Road Trip

The Southwest offers some of the best rock climbing in the U.S. Climbers have a range of options here—everything from technical sport routes to multi-pitch crack climbing to bouldering. And, of course, the surroundings aren’t bad either.

But with so many tantalizing destinations in the region, how do you choose? Well, if you travel by RV or campervan, you don’t have to. On this rock climbing campervan road trip, you start in one of the most famous spots in the southwestern U.S., Red Rock Canyon, located just outside Las Vegas. From here, you hit some of California’s most epic climbing destinations before traveling east to Flagstaff, Arizona, and then back to where you started in Las Vegas.

Get on board of your campervan rv rental to start the best experience of your life! Start your journey from iconic Las Vegas, city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos, other entertainment options and enjoy a 5 day road trip to Los Angeles going through amazing and wild landscapes.

While driving between Vegas and LA, choose the road that passes through Mojave National Preserve and then head to Joshua Tree National Park.

A short 50 minutes drive will lead you to Palm Springs before heading to your final destination, Los Angeles.

Nature lovers? Had too much fun in Las Vegas and need some peaceful time? Enjoy amazing landscapes with this 4 days road trip from Las Vegas to the famous Grand Canyon. The trip is a 300 mile adventure.

It is hard to imagine just how much weathering and erosion had to take place, and over how much time it took, to create the Grand Canyon. However, when you stand there and look out at the horizon you’ll question the possibility of it even occurring. The Grand Canyon is a very popular attraction for people visiting Las Vegas, and rightly so. It is a natural wonder that should be on your Las Vegas bucket list.



Start your day fresh and ready for an adventure. Collect your RV from Travellers Autobarn Las Vegas and get ready to discover the famous Death Valley! Turn your A/C to the max and head onto the highway. The valley is a long, narrow basin, 282 feet below sea level, yet it is walled by high, steep mountains. This is how the extreme weather occurs and how it got the name Death Valley. This itinerary will outline some of the many magnificent wonders you will come across in Death Valley.

Be prepared

Keep in mind it is called Death Valley for a reason. Temperatures here can easily soar past 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius), especially in summer where it is known to consistently reach over 110 degrees every day! Make sure you are very well prepared. This includes:

  • Water: One of the most essential things. You will need to drink at least 4 liters per day to replace loss from sweat. Drink more if you are active.
  • Avoid the heat: Do not hike in low elevations when temperatures are scorching.
  • Vehicle awareness: Stick to the road rules and stay on sealed roads.

If beautiful red canyons, alpine lakes, National Parks sound like a trip you’d love to go on, consider doing a road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco.

Between two national parks, multiple national monument sites, vista points that bring tears to your eyes, this road trip will leave lasting memories for a lifetime.

Grab your hiking boots and extra batteries for your camera and let’s hit the road!

Las Vegas – Sin City – the nightlife capital of the USA! It’s a great place to start your road trip adventure. Enjoy your time in Vegas – Casinos, Show, Club – whatever you desire – and start your campervan/RV road trip adventure! Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle aren’t too far and you have some of the best National Parks close by – Yosemite & Grand Canyon National Park!