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Van Life Guide to Winter Road Trips in a Campervan

The best way to see the majesty and history of the United States of America is on a road trip in a multi-purpose campervan. While summer may be the busiest travel season since the kids are out of school and families take advantage, winter is equally phenomenal, and less active, time to travel.

If you’re feeling a mix of both wander and winter-lust, then this guide is for you! We cover A LOT about campervanning in the winter- what you need, where to go, what to do- all of it!

So book a decked-out, ready-for-adventure Travellers Autobarn campervan rental, and get on with reading this value-packed article so you can be off and planning your van life winter adventure in no time!

Why Campervan in the Winter

Yosemite's El Capitan in the winter

The Weather 

Winter is the most dramatic season of the year in terms of changing landscapes. If you’ve seen a landmark in the summer or fall, odds are it’s going to be an entirely new experience in the winter. The snow-capped mountains, the beautiful trees sprinkled in white, the tranquil camping spots – the beauty is endless.

And I don’t know about you, but I prefer to put on a sweater to brave the brisk as opposed to sweltering heat and humidity. Traveling in the winter is just more comfortable for a lot of people.

Not to mention, an entirely new set of activities become available in the winter like skiing, sledding/tubing, snowshoeing, snowboarding-and cozying up to a warm campfire with some hot cocoa. It’s just an exceptional time of year.