Drive Safe – RV & Campervan Rental

Travellers Autobarn promotes safe driving for all its customers to avoid any potential dangers or unnecessary risks while traveling in your vehicle. Some of the tips below are highlighted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA & Travellers Autobarn advise the following:

  • Avoid speeding at all times; follow the speed limit and only drive to the speed that makes you comfortable.
  • Please ensure to wear seatbelts at all times; NHTSA estimates that people who are not wearing a seat belt are more likely to be critically injured in case of any accidents.
  • Resting; take plenty of rest and avoid driving while being tired.
  • Avoid dirt roads; driving on dirt roads is the #1 reason why camper vans have rollover accidents resulting in all sorts of injuries. It is also against the Terms & Conditions driving on dirt roads.
  • Avoid drink driving at all costs.
  • Make experienced drivers your main drivers.
  • Avoid wet or icy roads – due to the camper van having a high roof and fit-out it is easier to lose control then by car…
  • Maintain safe distance at all times.
  • Don’t make any sudden changes to your driving such as a sudden increase in speed or small turns while speeding.
Campervan on a road
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