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Why rent from us?

  • Free Unlimited Miles/Kms
  • Pick-up & Drop-off times between 9 am to 4 pm
  • Interior Age: 2018 - 2020
  • 10% Discount with Campgrounds
  • Rental from the age of 21
  • Instant Booking Confirmation
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Free Extra Drivers
  • Free Campground App

Minivan/Station Wagon Rental

Dodge Grand Caravan 2-5 berth (2012 - 2017)

Quick Facts
Tent Tent
Chairs Chairs
Esky Esky
Gas cooker Gas Cooker

Kuga Campervan Rental

Chevrolet Express Campervan 2-3 Berth (2019-20 Interior Age)

Quick Facts
Adults Adults
Microwave Microwave
Fridge Fridge
Gas cooker Gas Cooker
Sink Sink
solar panel Solar Panel

Happy Campers

Big ol commendation to Vince!! He was kind, helpful, and understanding when we had to exchange our van twice. Once we had a van (thanks to vance) that had everything working well, we had a great trip. We were out for a full month and had no huge problems. Will definitely rent again from Autobarn!!read more
Iris engel
23:48 30 Mar 22
Had a great time on our trip. Everything was as advertised and worked good. Used the mattress the whole trip, it was pretty uncomfortable but did the job for the most part. It would have been nice to have a place to put my phone for the directions. Also, curtains at least on the back window could be added for additional privacy. But we drove up and down the coast and it did a fine more
17:47 26 Mar 22
First time in California and renting a Travellers Autobarn van was definitely the best way to discover the Golden State! Pick up was so easy in San Francisco and we were able to cruise down Highway 1 with the peace of knowing we always had our «home» with us on the road. Went from beaches to Sequoia National Park and then back to beaches in LA without any problem with the van. It was comfy, big enough for 2 and the stove and sink were so practical, we barely ate out. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a low-cost van rental in California, we had the best two weeks and would do it again!read more
Justine Belzile
14:33 03 Mar 22
Rented their minivan for a week in January. Didn't have any mechanical problems. Good value for the money. Customer service was fine.
emin turan
19:25 24 Jan 22
Had an amazing experience with our van for a week. Staff was super nice and gave us a different van when we smelled cigarette smoke. They make everything easy and lots of info about the van. Hidden gem for sure!read more
Emily Gaul
00:49 04 Jan 22
We had a great time on our 7 day trip to the Oregon coast! I appreciated how easily we could maneuver the van along the small roads and turn around whenever needed. It had everything we needed to enjoy our week!read more
World to Wander
01:06 06 Oct 21
Making reservations was really easy to connect with someone and when we picked up the van everything was ready to go. It is definitely a quick process when you do the pre check-in with your license and insurance etc. online before you head there. We took the KUGA van from SF to Oregon for a few days. I honestly am a tent camper; I love sleeping without the rain fly and seeing all the stars. But this camper van was really awesome especially for a further drive and making pit stops on the road to eat or sleep. The van is minimal yet gives you what you really need. Anytime I go camping I always struggle with washing my dishes. So it definitely was great having a sink in the van! Everything is really straight forward with how to use and set everything up. The bed is pretty comfortable too. I think the other big plus of this camper van was that it’s spacious enough yet it still pulls in easily at a gas station or parking lot. There’s a vent/fan that also made the night comfortable since it was a bit warm where we camped. Always make sure to turn the water pump off also! The amount of outlets in the car make it really easy to charge all types of electronics. I was able to do some homework in the back which made life so much easier. The cabinets are spacious and there’s plenty of room to store stuff under the seats and above the counter. I really enjoyed my experience with the van and definitely plan on future trips with more
Azizah Tohiet
18:57 07 Jun 21
We rented this company's campervan and I couldn't be happier. Very professional customer service and pleasant experience overall. By accident I forgot an item in their van and they offered to ship it to me, free of charge! I will definitely use their services more
Jane P
03:31 19 Apr 21
Had such a great time renting a camper van from Travellers Autobarn that I am currently going through the process of purchasing my own! I'm writing this review to highlight their wonderful customer service. Jared W from the Northern California branch was wonderful and so welcoming to the community, going out of his way to answer all my questions about van life. If you're interested in owning your own van, there is a page on their website where you can browse their stock! Thank you so much Jared :)read more
21:46 18 Mar 21
The van we rode in was perfect. All the amenities worked great and the van drove well the whole time. The staff was also very helpful and kind.
Russel Alderson
00:10 16 Mar 21
As a regular camping party of 2, my partner and I enjoy both what we call “fancy camping” as well as backcountry experiences and have followed our passion throughout four states. But in all of our adventures, we have never tried van camping before. Since we’ve been mostly backpacking for the past year, we were excited about a different camping experience when we rented the Kuga campervan out of Oakland in December 2020 for a week—and it did not disappoint! It’s hard to know where to begin we had such a great experience, but I’ll give it a shot.Logistics—the biggest challenge for us was that there were only three US locations to rent from. We elected SF and flew in, caught an easy Lyft to Oakland to pick up the van. Pick-up was quick, super smooth, and staff was friendly and helpful. The van was ready to rock when we got there and after a stop for a week’s worth of food and firewood—we were off!Space—the inside of the Kuga is very comfortable and we really, really enjoyed the ability to stand inside. Plenty of storage above the driver/passenger seats and under benches offered us a good amount of space to stash our groceries and campfire supplies de-cluttering the space. We even had the dish and extra winter bedding packages—still plenty of room!Comfort—the van came with absolutely everything we needed, though we brought our own sanitization products and a line to dry clothes. The bed converted from benches slept us both very comfortably with a TON of extra space. We did not end up trying the stovetop at all, as we were trying some homemade backpacking recipes with our Jet Boil. We also did not want to camp at grounds with hookups, which were necessary to operate the stove. The running water is so, so, SO convenient for all things (other than drinking) and it was such a luxury after filtering our own water every night when backpacking. We felt it very private with curtains and did not have a problem with the cold at night at all (lows in the 30s). Though, we are used to snow in the winter, so some foggy coastal cool was no problem at all. The cab itself was also very comfortable—plenty of room to stretch and spread out.Value—as a ranger for the Dyrt (if you don’t know about this app yet, you really must check it out if you enjoy camping), I am lucky to occasionally have the opportunity to sample new equipment. Our Kuga rental was one of these instances. We did elect their insurance (approximately $150), and prepaid a cleaning fee of $100, but the daily rate was waived. However, after having put much time into cost to rent vans of this nature in the past, I can say with absolute confidence that this is the lowest price you will find and it comes with a ton of amenities in the Kuga. There are a few different options as to how you can rent these, but the unlimited miles is for sure the way to go to be cost-effective but also have the chance to really travel time-wise. We enjoyed it so much that we are booking again this year—we just haven’t decided—NorCal or Australia?read more
Rachel Dodson
22:36 25 Jan 21
Great value, and the flexibility of unlimited miles. Vehicles tend to be old but service is good.
Frederic Leroudier
22:25 08 Dec 20
We took the Kuga. It's honestly not great if you are 3 (the middle seat is small and uncomfortable for long rides), but the Kuga is great for 2. You get a lot for your money, including a kitchen that doesn't feel like a tack on at the end of the truck. The microwave is a great addition if you have power to plug it in, and the gas has plenty of capacity instead of a camping size canister as seem in some competitorsThe staff in San Francisco (Hayward) went above and beyond (thanks Jared) and got us the right Kuga for our trip (they are not all the same).The Kuga v8 had plenty of power to climb at altitude and is speed limited to 100mph. You don't want to go that fast with it as the steering and suspension are spongy, but the point being that you'll have enough power to pass and climb. The downside though is that the engine is a gas pig. We only got 12.5 to 14mpg during the trip. Plan accordingly.The bed was good enough (slightly short for me, and I'm just 5"10), but honestly that's still a lot better than a tent.The best part was the price and unlimited miles. That just beat the competition by a more
05:41 01 Dec 20
We took this on our honeymoon and traveled through Arizona, Nevada and California. We loved it so much. They're very nice and the RV was perfect. Everyone asked about the travel van.
Autumn Bradley
04:44 08 Nov 20
LOVE THIS COMPANY! Customer service is amazing and UNLIMITED MILES!! We just got back from a trip and I’m already planning my next one with them!! Thanks for such a good trip!
Alyssa Bergdoll
17:13 05 Nov 20
Great Van, loved the amenities: sink with water, fridge, stove. Has a descent amount of storage place and made our camping trip very comfortable. Make sure to check the AC, ours was not working and it got pretty hot driving pass more
Kate Stoner
22:25 29 Jun 20
Had the best experience working with the folks at Travellers Autobarn. The van was perfect for our four day road trip to Northern California and you cant beat the value at $49/day. I will definitely be renting from them again in the near more
Megan Drescher
23:12 17 Jun 20
Incredible experience overall with the van AND company! I have never written a google review but these guys deserve it. Great value, AWESOME van, and superb customer service. Rented for 5 days, drove over 1,000 miles all over CA, and everything ran smoothly. Looking forward to another trip!read more
Lindsay Battey
18:45 09 Jun 20
We just got back from our first campervan adventure and had a blast! The guys at TA were super friendly, helpful and gave us a great rundown to understand the van as best as possible. TBH, I was skeptical of the "unlimited mileage" policy as it seems IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere that does the same. However! We drove from SF to Seattle and back and did not receive any dings or add-on cost to the original quote, which is amazing! The van, as it was told to us, "has character flaws." It has some blind spots, has an engine that makes it difficult when driving up big hills, the passenger side window wasn't working and some of the knobs kind of just fall off. That being said, we were told it has character flaws and none of them made our trip any more difficult. The stovetop, sink, and refrigerator worked great, which was more important than anything! The cushions on which you sleep were plenty comfy and the van got nice air circulation when we slept in it overnight.We would DEFINITELY recommend using these guys to anyone looking for a no-frills, easy to book and positive experience taking a long road trip where you want to spend the night in your vehicle!read more
Alex Miller
17:36 27 May 20
I have rented two times with them. And both were AWESOME. First in Brisbane Australia and the second one in SF California. Friendly workers, helped me with everything. I felt as I was lending a campervan from a friend. I will totally book the next trip with more
Miguel Sáez
15:01 18 Apr 20
2019 vehicle, unlimited miles, fridge and microwave. My trip to Joshua Tree was pretty amazing, I think I might definitely be back!
Nicholas Nelmsoverholtzer
23:15 04 Jan 20
Great service and value for money. The vehicles are all clean, well maintained, new, comfortable, and I didn't have 1 problem in my entire 2400mile trip, highly recommended and I will definetly use again when I return stateside. Many thanks for the memories, it was a more
skibsy .
21:24 02 Nov 19
Travelled from LA to San Fran with a ton of stops in between. Check out was so simple, and their complimentary fridge is fully stocked, as well as having more amenities in their bathroom than a hotel. This company is more
Sweaty Sweetie
22:24 26 Oct 19
We loved every second of our trip with TA. The service is amazing and the staff is really helpful! We had the Kuga Van for 2 weeks and loved the fridge, the double stove and the nice interiour. Hope to come back to California soon for a longer camping trip... ;)read more
Reimar Gelke
03:11 08 Oct 19
Just had one of their Camper vans for 3 weeks and have to say the experience was fantastic.We had a hic up from the UK end which meant we arrived 2 days early for our van a d they were so helpful and got us on the road as quick as they could.I would definitely use them again and can recommend them to anyone who wants a smaller compact camper which was ideal for 3 adults quite comfortable and practical.Would give 6 stars if there was an option#tripofalifetime#travellersautobarn#goodvalueformoney#greattravelexpieranceread more
Chris Mcloughlin
17:20 13 Sep 19
If you want ease and freedom from large cumbersome motor homes then this company is the way to go!Fun groovy signage makes these Kuga vans stand out from the crowd and so will you!Heads turn as you stop at lights, when parked up or as other drivers pass you. You'll hear them exclaim 'look at that camping van!'Great personnel in the offices and clean well set up interiors that even a tall person can stand upright in.Easy to drive, but right hand drivers (Aus, UK, UK, Japan) watch out for the blind spot on your right when changing lanes!Live life on the edge and go for it!read more
Absolutely brilliant trip thanks to the guys at Travellers. We had a Kuga van for 2 weeks and it the only bad part was saying goodbye! Great customer service, really helpful and no fuss. We will definitely be using them more
Chris Norman
18:47 03 Jun 19
We rented the Kuga campervan, it was in very good condition and we had a lovely trip. Great value for your money, the staff was also very friendly and helpfull.
Christien IJzerman
20:23 24 May 19

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