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Road Trips are all about freedom & exploring the North, South, East & West without planning every single stop at the beginning of your holiday – there is very little freedom & relaxation when needing to worry about miles!!! That’s why Travellers Autobarn offers FREE UNLIMITES MILES as part of every campervan rental USA wide – that’s right – FREE UNLIMITES MILES!

Imagine to start planning your holiday and being unsure of your exact campervan or rv costs due to miles charges. How many miles do I need? How much extra do I need to pay if I travel more than my prebooked miles – it’s a headache!

Travellers Autobarn is the only campervan/RV rental company that provides FREE UNLIMITED MILES with all rentals – no stress – no worrying about extra costs at the end of your rental!

Let’s do some numbers on a 10-day trip:

Company Daily Rate Miles Costs Total Daily Rate PRICE FOR 10 DAY HIRE
Rental Company J $69/day $33/day for 100 miles ONLY $102/day $1020
Travellers Autobarn $89/day $0 – included in daily rate $89/day $890

The most important point is to ALWAYS check THE TOTAL PRICE!

The newest trend in the US is to no longer offer any miles packages – you simply “pay as you go” – rates vary from $0.33/miles up to $0.45/miles per day! People often can’t believe how cheap the daily rate of RVs are – “Wow – only $79/day for a massive 4 berth RV” – its a bargain – only to be stung by mileage costs!

Our customers travel on average 200 miles/day – yes 200/miles per day!

Let’s do some numbers again on the 0.33 cents example:

Company Daily Rate Miles Costs Total Daily Rate PRICE FOR 10 DAY HIRE
Company E $79/day 0.33/cents per mile – average 200 miles – coming to $66/day $145/day $1450.00
Travellers Autobarn $109/day $0 – included in daily rate $109/day $1090.00

ALWAYS CHECK THE TOTAL PRICE – if it looks too good to be true it’s probably because all extra fees – miles and other items (did you know some companies are charging over $100/person for bedding & cooking gear!!)  – will only show on the next page!

So don’t be fooled by an unbelievable cheap daily rate….always focus on the end price!

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