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Travellers Autobarn originates from Australia – and in Australia, all campervan/RV rentals come with unlimited miles (or kilometers for our European friends). It’s rather challenging to pre-calculate the mileage you would require for your rental and can cause travelers a lot of stress!

So with Travellers Autobarn, every rental comes with FREE UNLIMITED MILES – that’s correct – FREE UNLIMITED MILES – with any Hitop or Kuga Campervan rental.

Travellers Autobarn is the only campervan/RV rental company that provides FREE UNLIMITED MILES with all rentals – no stress – no worrying about extra costs at the end of your rental!

Let’s do some numbers on a 10-day trip:

Company Daily Rate Miles Costs Total Daily Rate PRICE FOR 10 DAY HIRE
Rental Company J $69/day $25/day $94/day $940
Rental Company E $69/day $35/day for 200 Miles ONLY $104/day $1040
Travellers Autobarn $89/day $0 – included in daily rate $89/day $890

The most important point is to ALWAYS check THE TOTAL PRICE!

Some companies give you the option to not prepay for any miles and just pay 0.25 cents per mile and you might think “WOW – what a bargain” – only to realize you are paying much much more. Our Customers are traveling on average 140 miles/day – that’s right – 140 miles/day! It is a long drive to the national parks so don’t underestimate the distance!

Let’s do some numbers again on the 0.25 cents example:

Company Daily Rate Miles Costs Total Daily Rate PRICE FOR 10 DAY HIRE
Company E $89/day 0.25/cents per mile – average 140 miles – coming to $35/day $124/day $1240.00
Travellers Autobarn $109/day $0 – included in daily rate $109/day $1090.00

ALWAYS CHECK THE TOTAL PRICE – if it looks too good to be true it’s probably because all extra fees – miles and other items – will only show on the next page!

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