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Hitop vs Kuga Campervan

Not sure which campervan to use? Below will explain the difference between each campervan:

  • Fit-out – the Kuga Campervan comes with 2018 to 2019 fit-out. So the bed, kitchen and other fit-outs are much newer – the Hitop has a fit-out of 2013 to 2015
  • Solar Panel – all Kuga Campervans come with solar panels – meaning the battery for your lights & fridge will last much longer and constantly charge while the battery for the Hitop Campervan will only recharge when you drive or are parked at a powered campsite.

So what it really comes down to are your own personal preferences – do you like something a bit newer – then go the Kuga Campervan; if you don’t mind some wear & tear then go for the Hitop Campervan.

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