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Northern Nights | Music Festivals by Campervan

Northern Nights is a festival created with pure intentions for all attendees and the environment. Northern Nights is located 3.5 hours north of San Francisco, Cook’s Valley is tucked along the Eel River under towering Redwood trees. Northern Nights also provides large swimming holes and a campground beneath the gorgeously lit roof of the redwood grove.

Northern Nights is located at Cook’s Valley Campground, 83950 ROAD 442E Piercy, CA 95587 and opens its doors at 10 am Friday the 14th of July. The festival will then close on the late evening on Sunday, the 17th of July.

Northern Nights Festival in a Campervan

Northern Nights aims to provide an experience that will allow you to Reconnect, Re-Evaluate and Rejuvenate. The experience is set up to provide you with a weekend of serenity, adventure and wonder by finding what calls you and letting it immerse you.

General admission for this festival starts at $259 USD with the option to add an RV or Campervan for $399. A campervan or RV is always a great idea when attending any festivals that allow them, as they provide a safe, dry and warm place to unwind and reflect on the incredible adventures you’ve encountered during the day. As well as a safe place to store your belongings, as well as food and water throughout the day.

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