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Campervan Road Trip Destinations in Fall Travellers Autobarn

11 Epic Campervan Road Trips for Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many as nature gets dressed up in warm, earthy hues. It’s a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy some crisp fresh air before winter arrives. What better way to experience all the fall foliage than going on a Vanlife adventure through North America? With our collection of the...

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Summer Campervan Road Trip Destinations in the USA

10 Campervan Road Trips to take this Summer

Summer is one of our favorite seasons to take a campervan trip. Clear, sunny skies and balmy evenings by the campfire make up the essentials of a great campervan road trip. Summertime is truly the best time of year for exploring nature, where warm weather maximizes the open hiking trails in the national and state...

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Campervan Destinations for Spring Break Trip - Olympic National Park

7 Campervan Road Trips Perfect for Spring Break

As spring rolls around, everything begins to emerge from the frost, and it’s the perfect time to keep an eye out for active wildlife and blooming flora. If you’ve been staying indoors this past winter (or throughout the pandemic), it’s time to take a cue from nature and get a breath of fresh air. Enjoy...

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Ultimate Campervan Road Trips for All Seasons

Ultimate Campervan Road Trips for Every Season

No matter the time of year, nothing beats the experience of good old American campervan road trips. For a perfect way to have a socially distanced vacation during the pandemic, ditch hotel rooms and give Vanlife a try on an RV trip. Even if you don’t own your own campervan, it’s really easy to rent...

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Travellers Autobarn Winter Campervan Road Trip Destinations

10 Epic Winter Campervan Road Trips in the USA

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck inside during these winter months? It may surprise you but the colder months also offer plenty of campervan road trip opportunities, so don’t let the cold deter you from heading outdoors. Imagine living your best Vanlife in a comfy campervan and looking out your window each morning to...

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Man Rock Climbing in USA - Best Rock Climbing Destinations in USA for a Campervan Road Trip

Top 9 Campervan Rock Climbing Road Trips

The United States is a haven for campers who love rock climbing. The numerous state parks and mountain ranges hide incredible rock formations and climbing areas just waiting to be explored. Road trips in a campervan and rock climbing go hand in hand, as there’s nothing better than having your next climb at the doorstep....

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Hiker in Grand Canyon National Park - Best hiking destinations for a campervan road trip in the united states

8 Epic Campervan Hiking Road Trips

For all the nature lovers out there who are looking for your next escape, we’ve got some great ideas for your next foray into the great outdoors. Get your hiking boots ready, because no matter if you prefer a day hike or a full-on backpacking trip, you’ll find a number of incredible options throughout North...

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Woman fishing at Lake Tahoe, California

8 Campervan Fishing Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

Fishing is a great activity to include in a camping experience. After all, being out by the water is such a relaxing way to experience the great outdoors. Plus, there’s nothing more rewarding than a successful catch – no matter if it’s your first time or if you’re an avid fisherman. Hop on in a...

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Travellers Autobarn Campervan Road Trips - Best Skiing Destinations

6 Epic Skiing Destinations for your Winter Campervan Trip

A campervan road trip is an excellent way to experience outdoor enthusiasts’ activities. Often when we think of road trips and camping, winter sports aren’t the first thing to come to mind. However, there is absolutely no reason why this should be the case! Some of the best winter getaways in the US are perfect for...

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Top 8 Weekend Road Trips Outside of Las Vegas

From the glitzy and lively nightlife of Sin City, take a journey to some of the United State’s most quintessential desert landscapes. Within just a matter of hours, you can go from immersing yourself in casinos on the Las Vegas strip to the national parks of Nevada and the southwest. There’s no better way to...

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Travellers Autobarn Campervan on the road

8 Campervan Weekend Road Trips Outside of Seattle

The Pacific Northwest (or PNW) is a beautiful region located on Puget Sound and surrounded by stunning mountains and lush greenery. It’s not every day you find a city like Seattle, where an escape into nature is just a stone’s throw away. With the global Covid pandemic, you might not be able to hop into...

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Travellers Autobarn campervan in Wyoming

Top Campervan Getaways for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Though Covid makes travel a challenge, there’s no reason to stay cooped up indoors, especially since North America also has many opportunities to explore the wonders of nature. So stop looking at #vanlife posts on social media. It’s time to get outside. For your next camping trip, why not hop into a campervan for a...

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View of Golden Gate Bridge from outside of San Francisco

15 Best Weekend Camping Trips Outside of San Francisco

Looking for a weekend camping trip outside of San Francisco? Well,  you’ve come to the right place. San Francisco is home to beautiful locations like the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, and urban parks. It makes California unarguably one of the most ravishing places to live in. And just outside the Bay Area’s city center, you...

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campervan in Joshua Tree National Park

10 Weekend Camping Trips Outside of Los Angeles in a Campervan

The best part about living in Los Angeles is how conveniently you can get out of it when life gets a little too monotonous. Considering how the COVID-19 outbreak confined us to our homes, you might need a little escape, even if just a short drive away. If you are looking to take a campervan...

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11 Weekend Road Trips on the West Coast in a Campervan

Regardless of the season, you do not need a rubber arm to be convinced of the several merits of a West Coast road trip. However, there is no doubt that with temperatures becoming brisk and fall ticking towards winter, this is certainly the time of year when the California Coast really shines. So, why not...

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