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5 Campgrounds in Great Basin National Park Worth Visiting

While national parks are often associated with crowds, Great Basin National Park is in the top 10 for least visited national parks in the US. According to the visitor center and NPS statistics, there are only about 90,000 annual visitors to this overlooked gem of eastern Nevada!

Nevada has two national parks; however, Great Basin National Park is the only one that’s entirely in the state! While Death Valley National Park stretches into Nevada, the majority of it is located in California. If the idea of solitude on the hiking trails sounds like freedom to you, Great Basin is the place to be.

Whether you’re looking to visit the Lehman Caves for a cave tour or cruise the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, this park just outside of Baker has something you’ll love! If you’re looking for a national parks trip without the hassle of Yosemite-level crowds, here are 5 great places to park your campervan near Great Basin National Park!

Cave Lake State Park

While not the cave tour you may have been planning on, one of the best places to stay when visiting Great Basin National Park is actually at a state park down the road! So not only do you get to enjoy one of Nevada’s 24 state parks, but you also have a reasonably close location with full hookups and the comfort that comes with it!

At a modest price per night, hikers will also love that Cave Lake State Park has options for hiking trails during the day and stargazing at night! For example, you can hike to Square Top at sunrise and see the Milky Way by the fire ring! The night skies and solitude draw visitors to this section of eastern Nevada, so take advantage of them!

Ariel view of Cave Lake State Park