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Joshua Tree Festival | Music Festivals by Campervan

The Joshua Tree festival is a bi-annual music festival held at the gateway of the national park itself. This four-day, funky desert-inspired festival aims to create an atmosphere full of passion and excitement. The festival aims to bring all people together as one community through the power of music and the feeling of freedom.

You can find many activities at the festival, such as yoga and the study of movement, visual arts and of course the music, you can also find various self-healing and meditation techniques such as attending the positive vibration station and taking part in the Drum ceremony or the tribal fusion belly dance class. Camping in a tent or RV is highly recommended as it heavily influences the aura of the festival and helps reflect the importance of the festival’s location.

Joshua Tree Music Festival by Campervan

For tent camping, you will not need a reservation, However, for campervans, you will need to obtain an RV pass if your camper exceeds 17 feet in length. The price of the pass is $350 for the entire weekend, not including the individual passes for $208 each passenger will need to enter the festival. Taking a campervan to the festival has many perks, such as: never being too far from a change of clothes or a cold drink, sleeping in a proper bed meaning you’ll be fully rested for the entire weekend, and being able to have a safe warm place to charge your phones. Campervans also work as an excellent ‘Emergency meeting point’ for any friends that like to wander.

So come into our LA depot, located right near the airport and only 2 hours from Joshua Tree park, or get a quote for a campervan online, we have a range of options to ensure your festival weekend is one to remember!

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