Campervan Rental Mountain Winter Pack

The Travellers Autobarn Mountain Winter Pack is ideal for customers who are planning to rent a campervan and explore the US during the winter season…

It will allow you to stay warm without staying at powered camp sites! Of course – should you decide to stay at a powered campsite – you can simply hire a heater from us to stay warm as all our campervans come with 120V plug-ins (these will only work at powered campsites).

The Mountain Winter Pack features:

  • 12V electric heater car blanket
  • 240 Watt Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station

The 240 Watt Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station is specifically designed for the usage of the 12 V electric heater car blanket. It has enough power to use the heater car blanket for up to 10 hours! It is the perfect addition for anyone who would like to explore the wild and go back to nature without staying at a powered campsite!

It will keep you warm without the need to stay at a powered campsite.

There are few important things to remember when hiring the Travellers Autobarn Mountain Winter Pack:

  • 240 Watt Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station will provide you with enough power to use heated blanket for up to 10 hours!
  • It takes up to 7 hours to fully recharge the 240 Water Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station! You can either recharge the power station via a wall outlet or car outlet (cigarette charger – and only while driving as you otherwise might risk draining the car battery)
  • The heated blanket can only be used via the 240 Watt Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station at all times! You can not use the heated blanket via the 12V plug-in built-ins of the campervan at any time!
  • The Mountain Winter Pack must be booked prior to pick-up – either during the time of booking or at least 7 days prior to pick-up! It is only available for Travellers Autobarn customers…

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