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You can reserve your ride today and start your road trip after February 1st 2019.

Why Travellers Autobarn?

So, you arrived in the US or are planning to travel around USA. But what kind of transportation should you use? There is only one clear answer to this question – CAMPERVAN!!!

Campervans for the budget conscious and young at heart! Looking to embark on a budget road trip ? Then you can’t beat a Travellers Autobarn campervan. If you’re looking for something shiny and new with a toilet and shower then this is not the van for you. We specialise in the true spirit of adventure and camping lifestyle. Practicality and value are our drivers. Simple vans at a great value price.  We build our campervans on used Chevrolet Express Vans, the vans are generally about 5-7 years old but the interior build outs are new when they enter service with Travellers Autobarn. We are different to other RV businesses. Our vehicles are built with the renter in mind and we design and supervise the build.

Our campervans are very popular so they will show signs of normal wear and tear. Our customers take our vans to the beach, to the mountains, to the desert, in the height of summer and depths of winter…. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? And it is exciting. The vans are always in nature, near campfires, in the  rain and the snow. People cook and sleep in our vans. They are not airport rent-a-cars.

ALL our vans also come with UNLIMITED MILEAGE – Hooray I hear you say! Unlimited mileage will generally save you many $$$$$$$ But there is a trade off, your campervan that includes UNLIMITED MILEAGE will also come with lots of mileage.

Only Travellers Autobarn offers you special campervan services which no other companies can offer you and has locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas & San Francisco

Some of our key campervan & RV rental benefits include:

  • We offer campervans of different sizes
  • We have offices all around the West Coast
  • Under 25? No worries! Anyone from the age of 21 with a full license can rent campervans/cars with us
  • Free Maps
  • 24/7 road-side assistance
  • And lots more….

To view our rental fleet please visit our campervan hire & car rental section here…..