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Coachella | Music Festivals by Campervan

Coachella is one of the most renowned and well-known festivals in the world. Taking place during April, the festival falls over 2 weekends and is scheduled right in the middle of spring. The Warm, vibrant spring vibe is the perfect setting for this festival.

Although Coachella has become a lot more elaborate than just a music festival in recent years. It features art installations and has also become a major fashion hotspot for bohemian-inspired styles. It’s also packed with celebrities, from the artists who are performing to stars who just want to hang out. You’re likely to come across people like Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Prices start at $429 for a 3-day pass and you will look at around $100 extra for a camping pass. The campgrounds are open from 9 am on Thursday, through to 10 am Monday. The Noise curfew starts at 1:30 am.

Friends at Coachella Music Festival

Grabbing a campervan for a festival is a great way to save money on accommodation and maximize convenience. While everyone staying in nearby hotels is paying through their nose for a Taxi or Uber to get to the festival in the morning, you’ll be spending yours choosing between the Slip and slide or the Mini Carnival.

We recommend being as creative as possible with your campsite, decorate with streamers, inflatable toys or fairy lights, as you will be able to spot your campsite in a crowd when it’s 2 am and you’re desperately searching for a bed to rest in!

With the Empire Polo Club only a short 2-hour drive from our LA Branch, why not pop past and grab one of our 3 person all inclusive campervans for your weekend?

Note if you are planning to camp onsite with your campervan at the festival, you may need to remove your gas bottle to meet Coachella’s policy. Please make sure you do your own research on this depending on where you wish to camp – you wouldn’t want to arrive and be turned away due to something so trivial!

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