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Interview Series: Ben Leo Davis

We interviewed 7 campervan bloggers that you should be following. In this series, we’ll be going over their best tips for places to go, things to do, and what to eat along the way!

Ben Leo Davis

To say that Ben gives his all to his work is an understatement. Ben once ran barefoot on the frozen Icelandic ground to photograph the Northern Lights. While he couldn’t feel his feet, he did get the shots. If that doesn’t explain Ben’s dedication to travel photography, nothing does! Considering he’s Australian, being barefoot in Iceland is no small feat (no pun intended)!

What is your all-time favorite place to campervan in the US?

During my 8-week road trip through the States, I found it extremely hard to choose my ‘all-time favorite’ place to visit. I enjoyed every second of my road trip, especially when every state in the US is different from the rest. One day you could be driving through some of America’s harshest deserts, then the next day, you could be driving through some of America’s lushest national forests. The bonus, Travellers Autobarn, made my 8-week road trip easy!

Death Valley with Ben Leo Davis

Here are some of my top ‘all-time favorite places to campervan in the US’


What can I say? This is my favorite place in California. This is a must-see place to visit, only a short 4-hour drive from LA when road tripping in America. From its winding roads that wrap around the huge granite cliff faces to its ginormous tall Californian black oak trees on the valley floor of Yosemite. I would easily spend a good week here exploring what this amazing National Park has to offer!