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Interview Series: The Escape Artists—Sydney and Davis

We interviewed 7 campervan bloggers that you should be following. In this series, we’ll be going over their best tips for places to go, things to do, and what to eat along the way!

The Escape Artists

Sydney and Davis, who go by The Escape Artists on social media, create magical content but aren’t pulling rabbits out of hats (at least not yet). This couple, living for travel and love, shows off their tropical getaways and photography skills.

Sydney and Davis in back of Travel van

What is your all-time favorite place to campervan in the US?

California – the variety of landscapes is tough to beat, and it is all within a relatively short driving distance.

What spot is on your bucket list to campervan in the US?

Oregon Coast! The views look incredible, and it is not easy to get to, so it seems like the ideal spot to experience the van life!

What is your go-to campervan meal?

We love to make what we call: Farmer’s Market Salad.

It’s a very ‘loose recipe,’ but essentially, we sauté up some fresh farm vegetables we pick up from one of the local towns we drive through and put them over a salad.

Ingredients would be any vegetables we can find on hand seasonally (like zucchini and peppers in the summer or root vegetables and kale in the winter) and put it all in a pan together.