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Interview Series: The Awkward Tourist—Kelly Lacy

We interviewed 7 campervan bloggers that you should be following. In this series, we’ll be going over their best tips for places to go, things to do, and what to eat along the way!

Kelly Lacy

Kelly of the Awkward Tourist is more than just a solo travel aficionado. A flight attendant and blogger, Kelly is part of a travel super-duo with her husband Kevin, making the two of them the Awkward Tourists. Having met her husband in Alaska, spent a semester at sea, and visited more than 30 countries, Kelly is an expert on all things travel, and her photographer husband makes them look their best while they do it. When they aren’t on the move, they’re based in Southern California.

Kelly Lacy sitting in campervan

What is your all-time favorite place to campervan in the US?

My all-time favorite place to camper van in the US is Yellowstone. I love camping there but being in a van makes it super comfortable, and when you’re out looking for wildlife, you can stop wherever you want to make lunch.