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6 Reasons to Rent a Minivan for your Next Road Trip

Minivans, Wagons, or also called Station Wagons are a great way to explore the USA.

Minivans are often underrated as they are not really a traditional car yet also are not a camper. But there are many benefits to renting a Minivan and hitting the road to see some of the best destinations America has to offer.


Minivans are a very cheap way to explore the US. Minivan rentals start from $25/day – that’s right – $25/day! And even in peak season – Christmas & New Years – you are looking at a maximum of around $55/day. You will not find a rental car at such a cheap rate. It costs less than a case of beer!!! And imagine you are traveling with a group of friends and can divide the costs…it’s a real bargain.

Minivan with chairs and a cooler


Minivans can fit up to 5 people (depending on model sometimes more) – it is very roomy and is suitable for solo travelers, a couple, a group of friends, or a family! Dividing the costs among 2 to 5 people makes renting a Minivan one of the most economical ways to explore the United States.


Minivans offer a lot of space! You can fit a large number of suitcases, bags, and other luggage into the vehicle’s back. Again – depending on how many people will be traveling – you won’t be struggling with storage space compared to a campervan.