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Safety Tips for Winter Camper Van Trips

Are you planning for an amazing winter camping trip via campervan? Let us be the first to tell you; you’ve made a great choice. There are so many benefits to getting out on the open road and RVing in the winter months, but we get that there might be a little trepidation as well. We want to reassure you that it is entirely feasible and safe with some good ole’ fashion planning and preparedness.

Luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you already. Our fully loaded campervan rentals come with plenty of space for those extra accessories to keep you warm in addition to ample room to stand up and move around. Each of our camper vans come with a sink, gas cooker, fridge & microwave, so you don’t have to prepare your food out in the cold. Moreover, if the temperature at your current location is just a tad beyond your liking, all of our rentals come with free unlimited miles so you can move to warmer climates.

Beyond that, we’ve prepared a list of a few other considerations to keep in mind for off-season camping and your snow-bound adventures. So head on over to our site and book your fully-loaded, winter-ready campervan and let’s go!

Travelers warming hands by winter campfire

Keep Warm

This tip is an obvious one, but for those not used to the cold weather, we want to offer you some suggested ways to keep warm and toasty on a cold winter night.

A Portable Space Heater

One fantastic tool to help you keep warm in your campervan is a portable heater. Not only are there practical, small, and modestly priced options available- but it doesn’t require electricity. So if you’re boondocking, you won’t have to worry about finding an electricity source or using up what you’ve collected for the day from the solar panels installed on our campervan rentals.

However, please note that if you’re going to use a propane heater like the one recommended, you can’t leave it on for extended periods and definitely not overnight! This type of heater is suitable for short bursts of extra warmth when you need it.