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Stagecoach | Music Festivals by Campervan

Stagecoach is a massive outdoor country music festival held at the Empire Polo Club grounds. The festival stretches over the entire weekend, opening its doors at 9 am and closing at midnight. Stagecoach is an all-ages event, with kids 10 and under completely free, making it an awesome family weekend away destination!

The campground has on-site camping facilities for camping at the festival, and you can purchase a 4-day camping pass as well as an RV or campervan pass to take your vehicle. Camping facilities include a 50 AMP Power hook up for your camper, access to private amenities and services such as complimentary breakfast and the air-conditioned Safari Saloon.

Friends inside a campervan

The campgrounds include 24-hour security services to ensure all of your belongings and vehicles are kept untouched. The initial pass will allow an RV with a maximum capacity of 4 people per vehicle, any extra people must pay the additional $250 fee.

Camping in an RV is always the most affordable and comfortable way to take advantage of the convenience of accommodation at the festival. Waking up any time and not stressing about making it to see your favorite artist and being able to take a power nap whenever needed is a great way to rest and ensure you’re full of energy for the entire weekend!

As the festival is only a short 2-hour drive from our LA depot, which is a short 10 minute trip from LAX airport, we would love for you to pop by and check out all of our campervan options for your festival needs.

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