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Ultimate Campervan Road Trips for Every Season

No matter the time of year, nothing beats the experience of good old American campervan road trips.

For a perfect way to have a socially distanced vacation during the pandemic, ditch hotel rooms and give Vanlife a try on an RV trip. Even if you don’t own your own campervan, it’s really easy to rent a campervan for a trip.

We believe that nature should be appreciated year-round, so here are our top spots to visit organized by time of year. No matter the season, you can clear your mind on miles of the open road! Plus, if you’re looking for a classic experience, a number of destinations in this list are detours of the iconic Route 66.

Whether you’re taking a short weekend escape or cross country adventure, there’s a getaway for you year-round. Let’s take a look!

Travellers Autobarn Campervan Road Trips for all seasons

Winter Campervan Trips

The cold might not seem like an ideal time to go RV camping or take a road trip; however, there are a number of benefits to a winter campervan trip. For one, some locations are even more beautiful blanketed in snow (and bring the possibility of snow sports. Secondly, you can find respite from the heat in areas that would be painfully sweltering in the summer. Finally, encounter fewer crowds during the off-peak season. 

Death Valley National Park – California &  Nevada

Located just around 2 hours drive from the Las Vegas strip, Death Valley is typically the hottest zone in North America. However, in wintertime, Death Valley’s Telescope Peak, standing at over 11,049 feet high, becomes a great skiing opportunity blanketed in snow.

When planning a visit in January or February, average temperatures hit 65, making backpacking and hiking in the valley’s remarkable geological formations much more pleasant.