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7 Great U.S. Road Trip Itineraries to take in 2022

The United States is nearly four million square miles in size. You could spend a lifetime traveling throughout the country and still miss out on some gems. On the other hand, most of us don’t have a lifetime to spend traveling full time, so we need to be a bit more strategic in our travels.

It might be challenging to narrow down where to start if you have a bucket list as long as your campervan. If you’re trying to decide on your next adventure, we’ve compiled a list of seven major cities and some of the best itineraries starting from each one.

Los Angeles to Seattle

Starting your Pacific Coast road trip in the City of Angels is never a bad decision. With some of the most beautiful spots and weather around, going from Los Angeles to Seattle is one of the best summer road trips you can choose.

Highway along California Coast Big Sur


California has more national parks than any state in the US, but Oregon and Washington hold their own. This itinerary’s main points of interest are Yellowstone National Park, Crater Lake, and, of course, Seattle itself.

If you’re looking for more than that, exploring West LA, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and the Oregon coast are all great options. At just over 1100 miles, a slow and enjoyable drive can take up to 21 days. Pick up the Pacific Coast Highway/US 101 North and enjoy oceanside driving if you want a scenic drive.

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